Yoga Asanas

Sep 2017

Our Yoga asanas are based on true and ancient knowledge of Yoga, Tantra & Meditation. We have studied these ancient yoga asanas with Somananda Tantra School a branch of Agama Yoga International. The type of yoga performed was Hatha yoga the instructions go far beyond physical postures guiding you through the activation of energy centres (chakras) within your body.


The inclusion of breathing techniques, the practice of meditation and immersion into the complete yoga philosophy is known as the complete Agama Yoga system.

Marmas and the system of Yoga

Marmas are key energy centers for the practice of Yoga on all levels, from yoga postures (asanas) to deep meditation (dhyana). Yoga posture effects the energy held in the limbs, joints and spine. Marmas connect to the nadis (subtle nerves) and chakras (energy centres) of the mind and body. Marmas have a place in higher yoga practices of concentration, mantra and meditation. Special mantras can be used with marmas in order to increase physical strength and immunity. Those who mediate regularly become sensitive to the energy flow through marmas. Therefore they should not be overlooked in yoga practice.

If you wish to pursue a Yoga course we can highly recommend Agama Yoga Centre. Which is a kundalini based Hatha and Laya yoga the two most powerful systems in this age old tradition. See below for a full list of training centres.