“To the Western World Tantra is often unknown or mysterious, but in the East and in Buddhism there is nothing mysterious. Tantra is not just a subset of Buddhism, but it encapsulates the very essence of all the teachings of Buddhism. “ –  Ashika Puri

The significance of ladies Tantric massage reveals an ancient key to unimaginable full body pleasure and mental strength obtained through a number of special rituals, often described as “the Hindu in ecstasy”  which is experienced as a sensual and powerful healing energy with increased mental clarity. This is a totally unique offering for ladies massage in Dublin.

For the deserving lady it is a therapeutic and deeply relaxing experience where the use of loving touch gently soothes the body and senses. During the massage a deep state of relaxation is achieved which allows the stimulation of the spiritual life force known as Ki- energy.

(Chi ,Prana, TAO) are other well used terms which describe life force & energy. This is a spiritual experience which combines the powerful use of loving touch with an integral knowledge of the energy pathways throughout the body. Our methods encorporate Ayurvedic wisdom utilizing an ancient Indian medicinal system centuries old.  Read more here………..

The aim of this massage is to help the person achieve deep healing, to increase health, vitality and well-being by bringing the body , mind and spirit back into a state of balance.

Your comfort , well being and feeling of confidence coming in for treatment are a priority to enable complete relaxation. In order to benefit most from the experience we start with a short guided meditation and breathing techniques which enables one to centre their energy and connect with the surroundings thus entering into a state of relaxation and serenity. All the senses are engaged through the meditation tapping into the power of the unconscious mind and it’s powerful healing abilities.

Aromatherapy plays an important role in the massage and we only use high grade Organic essential oils which are important not only for the therapeutic benefits ( via sense of smell)  but also for the benefit of your skin and body (application). Organic oils are natural to the body and bring many benefits depending on the mix . Our training in Ancient Ayurvedic methods provides us with a detailed knowledge and perspective into the correct combination of oils for use in achieving healing. One of our unique attributes at Tantric massage Dublin is our careful selection and use of high grade organic essential oils.  See Red Passion Ritual for more info

Sound also plays a central role in the experience and the music  played throughout the treatment is traditional kundalini awakening music, especially selected and arranged by a swami master to effect the correct elements at specific stages of the massage ritual.

Longer sessions are recommended for ladies massage as a lady generally needs more time to awaken in Ki – energy. As your Ki- energy is aroused you will find time slips away and all conscious effort disappears allowing you to drift deeper and deeper into relaxation and bliss. This is a fully naturist experience and you will benefit from having every area of your body massaged with loving touch, balancing the bodies energy and arousing sensual , loving vibrations. The goal is to bring the body and mind into balance, clearing away any stresses, tension , concerns or emotional blockages.

Body to Body therapy can play an integral role in this treatment, allowing the flow of Ki energy to increase and flow stronger from the root chakra to the crown.( Yoni ) massage is also a part of full body tantric massage for women. However both are optional and if for any reason you are not comfortable with either of these rituals, they won’t be performed during the treatment.  Prior to every appointment an in depth and detailed consultation will take place with your chosen therapist to determine the exact course of treatment and what is involved.

From a physical sense allowing the activation of key marma points, or energy centres to be pressed is another key function of the massage therapy. These points (pressure and trigger points) are located and massaged in order to facilitate the release of negative trapped emotions within the body’s cellular memory. Bodily organs play a major role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health and when our bodily organs are subject to blockages due to toxins we reduce our capacity to create and move our Ki-energy (Chi, Prana, TAO) throughout our body which is required for our self-healing mechanism. The key benefits from this therapy will be relaxation, heightened physical energy, greater health , mental and emotional strength.

Further Benefits of the tantric massage

  1. Tantric massage helps break down the blockages and to release toxins to increase blood flow to bodily organs.
  2. Increased blood flow helps to release more hormones easily, to help stimulate hormone functioning
  3. Healthy hormonal balance help us with protection against many health related problems such as
    1. Memory loss
    2. Back pain
    3. Poor circulation
    4. Decreased libido
    5. Menopause
    6. Helps to release past trauma and emotions held in bodily organs, increasing the orgasmic potential
    7. Helps with other problems such as
      1. Impotence
      2. Difficult urination
      3. Painful menstruation
      4. Lower back pain
      5. Body alignment and bad posture
      6. Strengthening pelvic flow muscles
      7. Vitality

If you’d like to read an alternative perspective on tantric massage for ladies please click the link below from our training school.

Before proceeding with an appointment we’d suggest a conversation with a female therapist for a confidential consultation to determine if this is the correct path for you.

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