Our background originated in practice of traditional massage and healing therapies in a society where we have seen the demand for Tantric massage grow over the last number of years in Dublin and Ireland as a whole.  However when we began to look deeper into the genuine art of tantra we find a vast metaphysical system, unrelated to any religion , which originated in India and Tibet many centuries ago. Such was the vastness and complexity of this ancient system we had at that point to make a decision to follow a path of learning, training and understanding. This was essential if we were to provide a genuine tantric massage service to our client base seeking tantric massage in Dublin. Thus began the great journey of discovery and transformation from traditional massage therapists, to Ki- massage therapists.

First and foremost Tantra is a spiritual system. This may not be of primary interest to the greater majority of clientele who are coming for tantric massage.  Yet regardless of one’s mindset be it open or closed to esoteric elements , the basic nature of the being, body mind and spirit responds profoundly to powerful loving and healing touch.  Ultimately what happens in a tantric massage is a movement of energy.  This is the first and most important concept of Tantra is “Shakti” a Sanskrit word which translates as energy, yet also means power and Goddess. However, do not let this alarm you if you are reading this and are male,  energy is not singular and it does not exist apart from what we can deem to be consciousness.

The following video is a demonstration of our trainer Somanada explaining the origins of Tantra.

The master performing the therapy in this session is Somananda our guru and trainer at Tantric massage Dublin. He is the author of the popular book “Tantra : Sex for the Soul” and the master at Bhairava Yoga a branch of Agama Yoga.  You can experience this amazing energy for yourself or your partner at Tantric massage Dublin. Call us on 0874359844 for more info on sessions available for men, ladies, couples and four hand therapies over a range of durations. Also for those interested in upcoming “Art of Touch” massage courses for Dublin massage therapists please see www.tantramassageireland.ie for more info. All courses are supplied by the Somananda Tantra School and are fully affiliated courses with certified trainers.

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